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anthurium diseases

Anthurium Diseases: Your Guide to Identification and Treatment

Diseases, along with pests, are the causes of the most common anthurium plant problems. As …

most common anthurium pests

6 Most Common Anthurium Pests (and How to Deal With Them)

Pests, the culprits behind most common problems in anthuriums, wreak havoc on these tropical plants. …

anthurium toxic to cats

Are Anthuriums Toxic to Cats?

Toxic Trouble: Anthurium’s Threat to Cats If you’re an anthurium enthusiast like me and contemplating …

anthurium soil mix

Ultimate Guide to Anthurium Soil: What to Put in Your Potting Mix

The best potting soil for anthurium plants is a well-draining, chunky mix of organic and …

anthurium light requirements

Anthurium Light Requirements: Everything You Need to Know

Anthuriums are stunning tropical plants that have taken the houseplant world by storm. However, growing …

anthurium watering when how

Water Like a Pro: An Essential Guide to Anthurium Watering

I hear you say, “omg, she wrote the entire blog on watering anthurium plants (facepalm …

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