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anthurium sections
Anthurium Sections: What You Need to Know [+ Download the List]

What are Anthurium sections? Anthurium sections represent specific groupings within the Anthurium genus, each defined by unique morphological characteristics, …

anthurium superbum leaf close up
Anthurium Superbum: The Low-Maintenance but High-Impact Aroid

Anthurium Superbum is one of the most recognizable species of the bird’s nest type. With stunning sculpture-like leathery leaves, …

anthurium moodeanum
Grow Your Anthurium Moodeanum Like a Pro: Expert Care Techniques

Anthurium Moodeanum stands out as an eye-catching dark leaf gem among anthuriums. Not only does this rare aroid strike …

about plant girl boss
About Plant Girl Boss


Welcome to Plant Girl Boss.

Growing plants is a personal passion. Bringing nature indoors creates a peaceful oasis and helps me slow down even when the outside world is racing by.

My goal with this guide is to provide you with a reliable resource for growing tropical plants successfully at home. I hope you’ll find something here that inspires you. Join me on this journey to discover the beauty of nature.