Anthurium Sections: What You Need to Know [+ Download the List]

What are Anthurium sections?

Anthurium sections represent specific groupings within the Anthurium genus, each defined by unique morphological characteristics, genetic makeup, and sometimes geographical distribution.

These sections matter greatly in terms of pollination and breeding because they give us insights into which species are more likely to be compatible with each other.

For instance, species within the same section tend to share closer genetic relationships, making successful cross-pollination more probable.

But, the intriguing part of Anthurium breeding lies in the potential for crosses, even between species from different sections, although this is often more challenging and less predictable. (But more fun!)

Given that you’re an avid Anthurium enthusiast with a plant that’s showing off its inflorescence, you might be wondering about the possibilities of cross-pollinating it with another Anthurium.

The key to successful cross-pollination lies in understanding the sectional classification of your plant. If you know which section your Anthurium belongs to, you can look for potential partners within the same section as a start, as these are likely to have higher compatibility.

However, don’t be afraid to experiment with species from different sections, too!

Top 50 Anthurium Species & Their Sections

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