Anthurium Lineolatum: A Stunning Aroid

Anthurium lineolatum is an underrated but highly recommended anthurium for any houseplant enthusiast. Its bright green long leaves will contrast with your darker aroids adding visual interest to your collection.

anthurium lineolatum sodiro
Anthurium Lineolatum. Photograph by Plant Girl Boss


Anthurium lineolatum is a species in the Araceae family. It belongs to the Anthurium section Polyneurium. It is native to Ecuador, where it grows terrestrial in the wet tropical forest.

There is very little known about this anthurium species.

The leaves of Anthurium lineolatum are light green and paper-thin, almost see-through. This stunning species has long petioles and oblong-shaped leaves.

The leaves are matte, not glossy, except for the newly emerging ones. The inflorescence is intense purple.

lineolatum rare anthurium species

Anthurium Lineolatum Care

Anthurium lineolatum is a relatively easy anthurium to care for, in my experience. Provide it with bright indirect light, chunky, well-draining potting mix, warm temperature, keep the roots moist, and it will thrive. I haven’t seen it attract any pests.

It is quite a fast grower, unlike an Anthurium recavum.

It is an underrated species, but it is stunning!

anthurium lineolatum

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